Hello, I'm Pastor Robby, of "Our Church Without Walls".  My wife, Susan, and I decided to start this online church for several reasons.  First is the burden placed on our hearts by God through the work of the Holy Spirit.  God showed us that there is a deep need and a "field ready for the harvest" for an online church.

Secondly, we believe that people should be able to "attend church" without the necessity of feeling the need of joining a church, be concerned of "what denomination" or any by-laws, rules or regulations a church may have; neither should you be concerned with how much tithe you might need to give.
You'll be happy to know that being a member of "Our Church Without Walls" is absolutely free.  But, you might be inclined to think that nothing in this world is free.  Well, that's one of the reasons why people didn't in the past, and still don't believe Jesus today.  He said that salvation is free - just by believing.
Because salvation is free, and that is what the gospel is, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is free, that is the foundation on which this online church is established. So yes, membership is free, and there is no collection of a tithe!!  Since we are a global church, if you would like to make a donation, please make a donation to YOUR local charity whether it be for local missions, homeless shelter, or education ... make your tithe out of love and watch the blessings flow!
Again, thank you for becoming a member of "Our Church Without Walls".  We hope you enjoy this web site and the sermons, snippets, bible studies, and podcasts.  So, let's learn the Word of God together and walk victoriously in this world in the Power and Peace of Jesus Christ glorified and confident in His name.


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