Part 3:  The Ten Commandments

I’m preaching a series of messages called THE TEN COMMANDMENTS
Today’s text is found in: Exodus 20:3-17. This is part 3.

Where I work, there are many mechanics and workers in the trades. It amazes me how many of them talk with a “potty” mouth. As I pass by them, I hear them repeatedly using God’s name in vain, not to mention how many times they call on the name of Jesus Christ in sinful slang. But today, we will see what God thinks of how we use His name.

With the First Commandment, we learned the Object of our worship. We learned the Ordinances of worship in the Second Commandment. Now, in the Third Commandment, we will learn the Obedience of our worship. The Third Commandment, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” This Commandment is the Third of Four which turn our worship and love toward God.

Before the Israelites were taken into captivity, they only spoke God’s name in reverence to Him in worship, teaching, or instruction. In Deuteronomy 10:20, you will find that they were to actually take oaths in His name. This was only in regard to their religion...again, in Holy reverence. However, during their captivity they were either not allowed to practice their religion or were very limited in it. Another possibility was that some Jews began following other religions that were being practiced and were permitted. This Third Commandment includes hypocrisy as well as penalty.

I am sure that as you go throughout your day, running here and there, minding your own business, like me, you hear God’s name and the name of Christ being used inappropriately. But hypocrisy goes beyond the violation of just calling out the name of God in vain. If we claim to belong to Jesus Christ, we have claimed an “oath” and an “allegiance” to God. If we do not depart from iniquity, if our life does not show true change from worldly living, we mock God’s name (Matthew 5.33; Galatians 6:7), and become fools to God. God will have no pleasure in fools (Ecclesiastes 5:4). As a matter of fact, if we do not depart from our sins, our worship is in vain (Matthew 15:7-9), our devotion to God and Christ is in vain (Isaiah 1:11-13), and our religion is vain (James 1:26). This Commandment not only covers the verbal expletive of God’s name (and Jesus Christ), but includes the profanation of any form of swearing, anything by which God makes Himself known, His Word, or any of His institutions. When any of these things are turned into charms or spells, or into jest or sport, the name of God is taken in vain.

There are many who wear a cross around their neck, then swear and use God’s name and the name of Christ as an expletive. Sometimes I wish when people do that, God would heat up the necklace and burn them!! But God isn’t like that is He? Good thing He is God and not someone like me. There would be a whole lot less people on this earth. But then, they would be burning in hell and not given a chance to accept Christ as their Savior. God is so merciful and patient. However, God is NOT going to hold these people guiltless!! After all, the second half of this Third Commandment is the judgment of the violation of this command. God will hold people accountable to their breaking of this law. Even though we are under grace, we will still be held accountable to the law, for “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31). So, according to Colossians 3:17 and 23; 1 Corinthians 10:31, the best that we can do is the best that we can do for God; for all that we do, should be done in the name of Jesus, whole heartily and for the glory of God!

I’m Pastor Robby of Our Church Without Walls teaching His Word, His Work, His Way.


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