Valentine's Day
Revelation 3.20

Hello and welcome to Our Church Without Walls. OK. It's Valentine's Day. Gee, I wonder how many men, with all the reminders and flyers and such, woke up this morning trying to think of a reason they forgot it was Valentine's Day.

On the internet, some children were asked their thoughts on love and romance. When asked, "How do people in love typically behave?” One little girl age eight replied, "When a person gets kissed for the first time, they fall down and don't get up f

or at least an hour." When asked to share his thoughts on kissing, one seven year old boy said, "You learn it right on the spot when the ooshy-gooshy feelings get the best of you."

The history of Valentine's Day doesn't always show the kind of affection and love as it does today. As a matter of fact, if you were to look at Valentine’s Day, it holds within its history a lot of legends, myth and murder! And it may surprise you that nowhere around the world is Valentine’s Day a “government” holiday; all government business is open as usual. On the other hand, most do agree that it started as far back as 496 A.D. and today means the sharing of our affection for that someone special. But what if you are single and there is no one “special” or you just don’t get caught up in all the Valentine’s Day hype? What if your “sweetheart” has passed away? Well, whether you are single or married, or single again, or single wishing you were married, or married wishing you were single, or happily married again with children, cats and dogs, you need to know that you really are special to someone! You are very special to God! And do you know just how special you are? You are HIS Valentine! God loves you as much as He loves His own Son, Jesus Christ. Oh, Yes He does. For in John 17:23, we see Jesus tells us that Himself. As a matter of fact, it was Jesus Christ, God’s own son who died just so you could spend an eternity with Him. If any man is qualified to be your Valentine, it is Jesus. He died for you, so He could be your Valentine and so you could be in heaven with Him forever!

Picture it this way: You hear a knocking at your door. You open it to find Jesus handing you a box with the tag that reads, “To My Valentine, I stand at the door and knock: If [you] will hear My voice and open the door, I will come in and dine with you and you will be with Me.” (Revelation 3:20). Then, you open the box … it’s the heart of God … with an inscription that reads, “Love, Jesus Christ “. Jesus is knocking. Will you let Him in? Will you, today, accept God’s Valentine gift to you?

I’m Dr. Robby sharing His Word, His Work, His Way