The Smart House Project - Part One

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Good morning and welcome to Our Church Without Walls. I’m preaching this Sunday on THE SMART-HOUSE PROJECT

This is PART ONE

I am greatly blessed to share this “Project” with you. THE SMART-HOUSE PROJECT is one that God has laid upon my heart, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, I have put it into text, as well as audio form and now able to share it with you. It is based upon the words of Jesus Christ found in Matthew 7:24 & 25 and John 20:31.

So welcome to the SMART-HOUSE PROJECT. Our journey through life is like building a house. We make plans, then set those plans into action, hoping to achieve our life goals. If our plans are vague and imprecise, the consummation would be failure after failure at its best. If our plans are well thought out and set upon solid ground (facts and details), they would consummate into success and a good life.

The SMART-HOUSE PROJECT is a ministry project which establishes an individual’s foundation, or basis, for their life goals. It begins by setting its foundations upon the solid Rock of Jesus Christ and then builds upon that foundation with biblical principles. Each principle is metaphorically equivalent to the phases of building a house. The SMART-HOUSE PROJECT seeks to explain each of its biblical principles through these phases, which will enable the disciple (the apprentice) to associate these phases with God’s Word and His principles, thus enabling the apprentice to see God in everything and in every phase of that apprentice’s life.

The SMART-HOUSE PROJECT uses three goals and four phases.
- The first goal is to secure and build one’s faith in Jesus Christ.
- The second goal is to help that one to develop into a soul-winning, Bible-believing witness for Jesus Christ and to be able to defend one’s faith.

- The third goal is for one to learn how to give God honor, glory and praise in everything they do in every phase of their life.

The SMART-HOUSE PROJECT works through four phases (like the building of a house) to build one’s faith and security in Jesus Christ. It begins with the “Excavation Phase”, sets the “Solid Foundation” in the “Foundation Phase”, works through the “Framing Phase”, and then completes one’s “apprenticeship” in the “Finish Phase”. Like learning how to use different tools in building a house, The SMART-HOUSE PROJECT uses Scripture references and illustrations to help one put to memory God’s promise of eternal life and the riches and glory we have in Jesus Christ.

The Scriptural basis for The SMART-HOUSE PROJECT is found in Matthew 7:24 & 25; 1 Peter 2:4-5; and John 20:31. The Scriptural basis for this ministry project is based upon the words of Jesus Christ. However, I submit at this time that the underlying basis is likened unto the difference between renting and owning a residential dwelling. Most people who rent their dwelling do not put into it nearly as much as if they owned it. Not that either one is wrong or right. However, there are those who say they are a Christian, but do not “own” their Christianity. They only “rent it” and do not put much effort in serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There are four principles built into The SMART-HOUSE PROJECT.

(1) to renew a person’s purpose for life (or build one if they do not already have one);
(2) to show people their need to think about and have God and Jesus Christ in their everyday conversations;
(3) its principles will remind them of God and their relationship with Jesus Christ in every building or house they go into or walk out of; and

(4) it will show them the importance of and purpose for regular fellowship with their local Church Body.

My prayer and hope is that after completing this project, the “apprentice” will have a deep desire to please God, apply these principles to their life, and see God in everything and every phase of their life. I believe when these biblical principles are practiced on a daily basis, it builds a person’s spiritual house that is ready for the storms of life. Those storms of life include, but are not limited to, anxiety, guilt, resentment, anger, jealousy, bitterness, un-forgiveness, etc. I believe that if these principles are followed, one will be able to live a life free of these life storms or at least keep them at a minimum. Upon applying these principles, the apprentice will experience the blessings of peace, joy, success, and a good life. How can I make such a claim? Because according to Joshua 1:8, it is not mine, but God's!

And now, The Excavation Phase

A SMART-HOUSE is a house built using the right things you need. A SMART-HOUSE is a house built using the right plan, the right tools, the right materials, and the right foundation. Let's begin with using the right plan.

We live in a country that is rich in houses, apartments, condominiums, hotels, and other habitable dwellings. If you are one who is blessed with the ability and means to travel anywhere in this country, you will see the vast differences in shapes, sizes, and conditions of these dwellings. There is everything from a one room "studio" apartment to multiple story buildings with tens of thousands of square feet of space for living and office use. However, the focus of this project will be upon the single story residential house in which we live and place our family.

Progress in our country has made it so that any residential structure proposed to be built must first be preceded with a written plan. It is a plan that shows how that structure is to be built. That plan shows every thought of its architect, the design, the floor plan, the fixtures, and the windows and doors. The plan also includes every size of nail, bolt, and screw to be put in place. Every home in this country that has been built legally has not been done so from someone who just grabbed a hammer, a saw and some nails and began aimlessly and carelessly building. No, they have been built with a specific design and purpose in mind. They began by writing down their basic needs then extra things were added to the list as their desires. These were conveyed into a drawing with notes and specifics, such as to the color of walls, type of flooring, type of exterior, windows, the kind hardware to use, window coverings, ceiling fans, and appliances.

These drawings became known as blueprints and soon became the accepted rule of building one’s house. Blueprints then became the only written drawing of acceptability for governing authorities to approve before the "Certificate of Occupancy" would be issued. Without this "Certificate of Occupancy" ("C.O."), one could not move into the newly built dwelling, or if one did, it would be illegal and unsafe. There is, however, another governing authority. That governing authority rules and reigns over anyone ever born. That authority is Jehovah God.

This may be a simple truth, but as simple as it may seem, there are many who have violated this truth. There are many who say there is no supreme God (as in Jehovah God) or they say He is a God of love and as long as we love Him and are basically good people, we will go to heaven. These are the ones who have violated His principles of truth. In fact, God has created each one of us, with the exception of Adam and Eve, in the womb. By reading Psalm 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:5 and chapter 1 of Ephesians, one will find that God is the Divine Designer who created each one of us with a specific design and purpose.

But folks, I am sorry, but we are out of time today. So come on back next week to learn more about God, our Divine Designer, and what your design and purpose is for life! Once again, I am blessed to be able to share these wonderful insights of THE SMART-HOUSE PROJECT with you. And if you are one who would like an actual study book that goes along with this project, just sent us a note by private message on our Facebook page. Or, if you would like to have a LIVE SEMINAR FOR YOUR GROUP which would include study books, face-to-face discussions, and an exciting Power-Point presentation that gives a visual understanding of these Godly principles, once again, just send us a private message via our Facebook page.

I’m Rev, Dr. Robby; Preacher, Professor, and Author of Our Church Without Walls, sharing with you His Word, His Work, His Way.

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