Book of Romans Part 10


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I’m preaching this Sunday on THE BOOK OF ROMANS

Today’s Text is Chapter 11. This is Part 10. Join with us now as I give you an exposition on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

In chapters 9 and 10, we saw the underlying principle found in these chapters is that for those who choose not to believe will be punished by God. But for those who do believe, confess their sin and hopeless condition for eternal life in heaven are to call upon God for forgiveness and accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as their Savior. And according to verse 13, believing, they are to call, and all who call, will be saved.

But now, here in CHAPTER ELEVEN, we find God’s faithfulness to Israel is guaranteed in a future restoration of the nation. According to verse 1, the present setting aside of Israel in her national election is only temporary because: (1) Paul himself as a Jew was saved in this age; (2) the Lord foreknew Israel's unbelief (verse 2); (3) God has always had a remnant of faithful believers as in Elijah's day (verses 2 - 4); and (4) in this present age God has a saved remnant, "chosen by grace" (verse 5). The apostle shows in verses 6 - 10, in consideration of the Jews, this remnant is composed of believing Jews who become one with Gentiles in the Body, the church, and obtain the blessing. They become part of the remnant while the rest of Israel is blinded and hardened in unbelief. Therefore, Israel's present blindness is only partial.

Israel's present blindness to Christ and their rejection of Messiah has a divine purpose. According to verse 11, it has brought salvation to the Gentiles, and therefore beneficial to the entire world. Also, we find in verses 11 - 15 that the future restoration of the Jews will bring untold world blessing even as their present rejection has done. For example, Gentile salvation will provoke Israel to jealousy.

Another divine purpose is that their rejection serves as a warning to the Gentiles, as seen in verses 16 - 26. The word "lump" (King James Version); or "dough" (New International Version) and the "root" are symbolic of the patriarchs through whom Israel has been consecrated. As seen in verse 16, the good olive tree prefigures Israel in a covenant relation with God through Abraham, the root (Genesis 12:1-3).

The tree is eternally green because the covenant is unchangeable. In fact, the first portion of the harvest, which was to be given to the Lord (Exodus 23:19; Leviticus 2:12; 23:10), which means the whole “lump” is also holy. And because the first fruit offering represented the entire portion, the entire piece of dough could be said to be holy, set apart to God. But, in verse 17, we see the broken-off branches represent the nation's unbelief. So some, but not all, of the branches of Israel were removed; and God always preserved a believing remnant. [For a further understanding of God preserving a believing remnant, check out my devotion “SUPER SATURDAY - The Book of EZRA”.] Also, here in verse 17 is the wild olive graft that represents Gentiles brought into spiritual privilege. And unless Gentiles cherish their privilege, like unbelieving Israel, they will be broken off too. In fact, God will graft back the real olive tree, Israel, when unbelief gives way to faith.

In verse 25, we find Paul explaining how Gentiles are indeed grafted into God's family. It is assured by special revelation, called a mystery. A "mystery" is a truth once hidden, but now revealed. This truth is that of Israel's partial blindness during this age, which is to last until "the full number of the Gentiles' has been brought in”. This means the completion of God's purpose in calling out a people from the Gentiles in this age (see Acts 15:14).

According to verse 26, the restoration of the nation is the subject of prophecy. The kingdom is to be restored to Israel. All Jews living at the Second Advent will be saved when Christ the Deliverer shall come out of Zion, as Isaiah predicted (Isaiah 59:20-21). The new covenant with converted Israel, as seen in verse 27, was foretold by Isaiah (27:9) and Jeremiah (31:31 - 37). Now, back in Romans 11, Verse 28, it tells us the restoration of the nation is according to the divine plan, whereas verse 29 is the divine principle. But even though she is temporarily hostile to the gospel, the election of Israel as a nation is irrevocable. And as I mentioned a moment ago referring to verse 16, the tree is eternally green because the covenant is unchangeable. So you can see from verse 26 that God has not changed His mind about the covenants and promises made to the nation of Israel; and in His time, all of Israel will be saved.

For verse 26 says, “The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins.” Then we see in verses 30-32, the restoration of the people will constitute a fulfillment of God's purpose, and in verses 33-36, it will contribute to God's glory. For God’s gift of grace for eternal life in heaven not only includes our wonderful salvation through Jesus Christ, but the Word of God was given to us to rule in you, to rule you, to rule in you, to rule for you…for now and for all of eternity.

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