Happy Mother's Day
Hugging My Mom's Memory
John 19.26-27

Hello and Welcome to Our Church Without Walls:
I’m preaching this Sunday on MOTHER’S DAY

Today’s Text is: John 19:26-27


“Hugging My Moms Memory”

Jesus said, “Behold your mother.” (John 19:26-27 - New King James Version)

I could give you the typical Mother’s Day sermon on how great my mom is and refer it to Scripture. Or give you some story of how the mother of the year and how great that is or some other great and wonderful story. But it is Mother’s Day, and I want to tell you about my mom. Just an ordinary mom with an ordinary family. But she was everything but ordinary to us.

You see, Mother’s Day is one of the hardest days of the year for me. I cannot help it since there are reminders of Mother’s Day all over the place. It’s kind of like Valentine’s Day. If a guy forgets Valentine’s Day, he must have amnesia or mental issues, or something because there is simply no excuse. It is the same here. You just can’t forget Mother’s Day, and I have talked to my mom so many times recently, it is almost silly. It is almost silly because my mom died suddenly one day without any notice. So she has gone on to be with Jesus, and I know the Bible forbids us to talk to the dead. But actually, the context means that it is forbidden to have a conversation with the dead. But I do not believe it forbids us to express our thoughts to a loved one while standing over their grave. Just to say, “Love you Mom”. In fact, I think that God likes that, when we show our love for and how much we miss the presence of the loved one who has passed on from this world. Especially when it comes to our moms. After all, Jesus always made His mom feel special and honored her whenever He could.

We all know how a daughter favors her father and a son favors his mother. My mom loved going to church and loved to hear Bible stories, especially about Jesus. Now she is in church all the time. Now she is in heaven singing songs to Jesus and praising His name along with my dad, our other grandmother, our step-dad, and a few others. My mom always told me that she loved to hear me preach and teach. But I think that she told me that at times just to make me feel good. And even though it’s been many years since her passing, I remember the look on her face when she asked me to preach my dad’s funeral. And, of course, she would get worried in those times when I was back-slidden and not going to church. And even though my mom would, on occasion, say to me with a little laugh and her beautiful smile, “Bobby, you’re crazy!” And she would remind me how God worked through me to bring dad and many others to accepting Christ as his Savior, and walking them through the waters of baptism.

And there was another mom who thought her Son was a little crazy. She loved to hear Him preach. I understand He began preaching around the age of 12. She knew that God was working through her Son to lead many to salvation. But one day after going to church, her Boy came up missing. Many of you know the feeling of looking down and finding that your child is gone! It took three days for this Boy’s mom to find Him. But when His mom and dad found Him, He was preaching in a church. They didn’t know to be angry or proud of Him (Luke 2:41-51). This boy honored His mother until His early adult-hood. That’s when He ran into a lot of trouble with the federal government and local authorities. He was accused, beaten, and taken to court for crimes He never committed. But His mom was right there by His side when the death sentence was given out.

By now you know…His name is Jesus. His love for mankind is unsurpassed and I am sure He favored His mom, because she was blessed of God. She was blessed because she brought the Savior into the world, the Son of God. But not long after the trial of her Son, she stood at the foot of the cross hoping God would do something to save Him. That’s when her Son spoke directly to her. In His dying breath, He said “Behold your son!” Then He said to His half-brother, “Behold your mother!” “Behold” is a word that refers to a deep intensive and emotional bond. What was Jesus saying? The last words His mom would hear Him say were something like this, “Mom, when you think of Me, hug your son.” And to His brother He said, “When you think of Me, hug your mom.”

When I stand at the cemetery, I notice how mom and dad’s marker is together as one, and their names are side by side. It’s reminds me that now they stand together, holding hands, side by side, rejoicing that they are with Jesus. I know that if she could have just one more Mother’s Day gift, it would be the most expensive one ever. It would be a hug. So if your mom is still living today, give her a hug, and tell her you love her. And if she is not, give it to someone else when you think of her.

“Hugging My Mom’s Memory”,

Dr. Robby