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Our text today is found in the Gospel of John chapter 16.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I had planned to meet with our daughter, and spend some time with her and our grandson.  But, just as they went to leave their house, they had a serious problem with their car.  All the brakes on her car had gone out.  They could not safely drive their car.  That is the only car they have and had to have it towed to a shop and get the brakes fixed.  When they saw the estimate, that ugly monster named fear began to set in. And as we all know, fear goes nowhere without his twin brother anger, his best friend named anxiety, and his cousin named depression! OH! What were they going to do?

Some good friends of mine are having a house built, and it is now only days before their closing, and moving in. But the other day, I was told about a problem with their mortgage papers.  They were supposed to sign them, but upon reading them, they found serious errors.  All the paperwork needed to be redone. This was about the third time that had happened! So, that ugly monster named fear began to set in. And as we all know, fear goes nowhere without his twin brother anger, his best friend named anxiety, and his cousin named depression! OH! What were they going to do?

Just yesterday, I got the news of a family member who lost her job.  A job that had some good benefits and paid well.  Like most people, she and her husband believed they could not afford to pay their bills on just one income.  That ugly monster named fear began to set in.  And as we all know, fear goes nowhere without his twin brother anger, his best friend named anxiety, and his cousin named depression! OH! What were they going to do?

I could add story after story like these to this short list.  I’m sure you have one of your own.  We all do.  So, how do we deal with this, and why does God let this happen if He is such a God of love and all that He says He is?

Sometimes we do not understand why God lets bad things happen to good people.  Sometimes God allows us to go through “bad” things, because He wants to build character in us or teach us how to get through it so we can help others who go through the same things.  But we don’t like going through those things or the job God has in mind for us, so we get angry at God.  And like a little toddler, we throw fits of anger and stomp our feet in rebellion.  So God puts us in “time-out” and separates us from the rest of those who are doing great works for Him. Then wonder why we are not happy or satisfied. 

Sometimes bad things happen for our own good.  Yes, God allows us to go through things so He can change something in our lives for our own good.  But we don’t like being out of our “comfort zone”.  We get like spoiled brats enjoying all the things we have.  Those things that we have worked so hard for and “deserve” to have, or so we think.  But when a child, or pre-teen doesn’t do what they are supposed to do, or does something they are not supposed to do, we take things away as a form of discipline. And so, God takes away from us.  Then, like the child or pre-teen we don’t feel the discipline or punishment fits what we did or didn’t do!  We stomp to our room.  And instead of falling on our knees in our prayer closet, we mumble under our breath, “Fine God, I just won’t talk to you”.

Let me give you an example. The disciples were hanging out with Jesus one day and just out of the blue Jesus says, “Hey guys.  I need to let you know, man, I’m out of here.  I mean it’s time for Me to check out”.   The disciples got very upset.  I mean, here they were. They had left their careers and their families and followed this guy who said He was the messiah.  He was going to save the world.  They lost their careers, family, friends and reputations to follow this guy and now He says he is leaving.    Their response was something like, “Say what? Wow. Really?”  But they were thinking of themselves.  Their selfish, spoiled selves.  Look at verse 31 of chapter 16.  Jesus says, “Now, you finally got it.  It finally sunk in”.   At that point, most of us would have turned tail and stomped off mumbling something under our breath.  Giving up on the Son of God!  God in the flesh who stood before us, face-to-face!  But knowing our thoughts, what did Jesus say?  Look at verse 33.  Jesus says, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

You see, Jesus knew what was going to happen.  He told them so they wouldn’t be taken by surprise!! OH, how many times have we placed our faith in man or money?  You say you don’t?  How many times have you purchased something on-line or on your phone?  How many times does God’s Word warn us about that kind of a thing?  How many people experience ID fraud?  Jesus knew then and knows now, the events that are before us.  He knows that in the world, we will have trouble.  Jesus had already told them in verse 30 that the prince of this world was coming and He wanted them to have notice so they would not be surprised.

But you do need to understand that God is love and “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18).  In John 14:27, Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”.  God's promise is that even though we experience tribulation in this world, we can have peace through Jesus Christ.  It's as easy as knowing Christ and trusting in His Word. 

Jesus knew He was nearing the end of His earthly ministry.  He had been trying to explain to the disciples why He had to leave. Jesus had to leave so He could send and fill them with the Holy Spirit.  You see, Jesus was getting ready to return to His Father in heaven to the realm where He belonged and to the full glory He gave up.  He was going back to share equal glory with the Father, which would be greater than what He had experienced in His incarnation.  But here was this guy who claimed to be God Son, the Messiah, and the Savior of men.  These men had left their careers & families and gave up everything to follow this guy.  They followed Jesus for about 3 years seeing miracles being done and prophesy being fulfilled.  Even so, they began to wonder if this was some kind of sick joke or elaborate scam that they had fallen for.  After all, everywhere they went, they ran into trouble.  The Pharisees and Sadducees continuously tried eliminating their little “cult”.  After giving up everything, including their reputation for this Jesus dude, He was leaving them on their own.  Talk about a right to be angry and upset!  And now what were they going to do?  They lost their careers, families and reputation!  In today’s world, they would have filed a lawsuit. 

My friend, if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior, let me encourage you to ask Him for forgiveness and into your heart…today…right now. And to my brothers and sisters in Christ that are experiencing tribulation, ask God to cover you with His “umbrella of protection".  Spend some time alone with God in prayer, meditation and studying His Word.  Because to KNOW Christ is to KNOW peace, but to have NO Christ is to have NO peace

Jesus Christ could have disobeyed God and stomped off somewhere mumbling under His breath.  But He didn’t.  He obeyed God all the way to the cross.  He took our punishment and death, so we could live in heaven when we die. Not only so we could live, but have an abundant life in peace.  If we only trust Him.

Maybe you are experiencing some tribulation in your life today.  And maybe it’s causing you some fear.  Maybe fear has brought with him his twin brother anger, his best friend named anxiety, and his cousin named depression! OH! What are you going to do?  Will you stomp off mumbling something under your breath?  Or fall to your knees and ask God for forgiveness and mercy?

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