Part 2:  The Ten Commandments
Exodus 20.4
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Today’s text is found in:
Exodus 20:3-17
This is part 2

Last week I began a series of sermons on the “Ten Commandments”. Our purpose is to see how God feels about us applying them to our lives even though we are under “grace” and not the “law” of the Old Testament.


The First Commandment was found in Verse 3, Chapter 20, of the book of Exodus. The Second Commandment is found in Verse 4, “You shall not make for yourself a carved image – any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”


Did you know that there are numerous pagan gods mentioned in the Bible? Too many to list here. Many times, the worship of these pagan gods included gross sexual immorality, self-disfigurement (including tattoos), and in some cases, human sacrifice. God forbade the Jews to even associate with someone who was involved in those types of worship. Not only did God instruct them to stay away, but He also told them to destroy the idolatrous pagan Canaanites so they would not be ensnared by their evil practices.


The Second Commandment includes the making of any image or statue, or anything of the sort. After all, how can we make an image of that which is spirit? (See Isaiah 40:18). Neither are we to make an image of a creature for the purpose of worship. That is called the changing of the truth of God into a lie (Romans 1:25). You see, an image of God would make us think that He has a body, whereas He is infinitely Spirit (Habakkuk 2:18).


The Canaanites not only made these false gods (and sold the idols for profit), but also bowed down and prayed to them in worship. This was also breaking the Second Commandment. As a matter of fact, this commandment included the burning of incense or showing any sign of respect to an idol. Ironically, this practice was also forbidden in Rome by a pagan prince named Numa. However, a Christian Bishop, a Pope, commanded the practice of this type of worship (which is anti-Christian). Even to this day, in the Church of Rome, this practice continues!! This practice not only violates the Second Commandment, but it is also omitted in their Catechisms and Books of Devotion. These Books of Devotion are put into the hands of the people! The Second Commandment is actually considered a part of the first. So in their books, the Second Commandment becomes the First, the Third Commandment becomes the Second, and so forth and so forth until the Tenth becomes the Ninth. Their Tenth Commandment is actually made up! Kind of makes you wonder about the “icons”, the prayers to the saints, and prayers for the dead, doesn’t it? And what about those statues of lions with wings, disfigured animals of all kinds. We see these things all over the place. When we do, we must remember that they violate the Second Commandment.


God said, “I am the Lord Jehovah, and thy God, am a jealous God”. And though God is patient and will bear long with an idolatrous people, He will not always forever. If the idolatrous one has not changed his practice by his fourth generation, then God will bring judgment. I think it is a shame that our nation has moved so far away from God that we don’t think, or plan, for our children, grand-children, or great-grand-children to live under God’s blessings. Oh, we want those blessings but without the curse, or judgment of God when we disobey His laws! We have become such a selfish people we only live and plan for ourselves.


Those who love God will find His mercy and forgiveness. It is because of, and through Jesus Christ, we have forgiveness of our sin against a Holy God. And thanks be to Jesus for we shall receive grace to have strength and faith to keep the other Commandments. God’s mercy and forgiveness is only found through Jesus Christ. For it is by “Grace, you are saved, and that not of yourselves (or any graven image)”. Yes, there He was on the cross of Calvary. Before He took His last breath, His tears streamed down His cheeks because of His love for you and me...but praise God, He is alive, and those tears are streams of mercy! Streams of Mercy that run full, as free, and as fresh, as ever for you and me! (Did I hear an AMEN?)


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